Structured Finance Solutions, LLC
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Structured Finance Solutions, LLC (“SFS”) is a small, boutique advisory firm with a specialty in real estate finance and real estate capital markets.  The principals are two business professionals with combined experience amounting to nearly 50 years in real estate, real estate finance and related securities matters.  Over the years we have provided services in many areas, but, we have developed a particular expertise in commercial real estate securities, problem loans and bankruptcy matters that involve real estate collateral.

Our qualifications are described in the profile at the end of this presentation, but there is an additional factor to consider.


We are not just full time consultants, individuals who no longer practice what they preach.  We operate profitable businesses involving real estate and financial transactions and capital sourcing, and have for many years.   This makes us more credible advisors, and it permits us to bring real world experience and current industry knowledge to resolve complicated issues.  As a result of this active participation in the business, we maintain a network of industry contacts, and these connections provide valuable information and insight to our consulting practice.  Always mindful of the confidential nature of any assignments, this network is often an important resource that we bring to each engagement.


We have developed a working affiliation with a number of national consulting firms that do not have “in-house” real estate and real estate finance expertise, and we often team with their specialists to provide expanded resources to larger engagements by combining our considerable industry knowledge and skills.  Over the years, we have successfully performed on many engagements under teaming agreements with Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), PricewaterhouseCoopers, McKinsey, LECG, George Smith Partners, CRA International, Alvarez & Marsal, KPMG and FTI Consulting.


We have developed an inclusive approach that we believe is  cost effective and ultimately successful:

We team up.  The client’s personnel and executives team with our professionals and with client’s legal counsel to get things done more quickly and effectively.  We have found that the mix of capabilities, disciplines and experience brought to bear on the problem, coordinated with a high level of communication and cooperation between the team members, dramatically improves the odds of resolving even the most complex real estate and financial problems.  .

We prepare.  All the relevant economic and financial details of a problem are discovered and analyzed before a litigation strategy is initiated.  Alternative strategies are developed, considered and evaluated throughout the process.

We use experts where appropriate..  Early involvement by industry experts, in our experience, results in a lower cost solution and a more effective strategy.  Engagement of a real estate or financial expert very early in the process keeps the focus where it should be: support to provide net benefit to the client.

We apply our depth of knowledge and business experience.  In situations and in disputes that may lead to litigation, our team:

Develops an understanding of the opposition’s motivation with input from the client and the legal and other experts.

Evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the adversaries so we can be sure to counter any contradictory testimony effectively.

We personally inspect all tangible assets to understand and to question the assumptions of the evaluation experts.

We work with the client’s litigation team to help them prepare fully for depositions and for court.

Of course, most cases settle before trial, but we believe better settlements can be reached if a litigant is well advised in the early stages by an experienced and sophisticated industry expert who is able, when the need arises, to help plan for trial and to provide effective and convincing testimony.




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